Rubber blankets

rubber blankets rodding

Rubber blankets rodding

  • We have over 25 years of experience in cutting and rodding rubber top brand for all machines.
  • We have qualified personnel and machinery required to always provide the highest quality.
  • Leading manufacturers of machinery for offset have entrusted us with this service.
  • Our usual delivery times are 24 to 48 hours, although we have an urgent service for possible exceptional cases.

Advantage Stripping: For reservations varnish , excellent flexibility for easy mounting press . Clean cut template with sharp edges by hand or CAD . Easy peeled preparation for a fast and smooth

Entropia HC: 2 compressible layers with good sharpness and smooth printing dot solid, high durability even when frequently changing substrates or sheet sizes.

EuroDot: 2 compressible layers for printing specifications for conventional inks and excellent cutting point. It has a high breaking strength and absorbs vibrations avoiding stripes.

Nitrocoat: Base polyester, high strength, high extraction depth, supports very good varnish transfer and prevents accumulation on the edges of lamination, improved coating transfer, less accumulation of ink.

Perfection: 3 compressible layers of printing sheet, excellent ink transfer and dot reproduction. Product suitable for any kind of paper and board with a thickness of up to 250 g / m². Offset versatile machines, with exceptional results in a wide range of roles. Very good recovery, tensile strength> 3000 N / 5cm.

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