Increasingly the customers entrust us for maintaining its CTP equipment of the brands as Heidelberg, Kodak, Creo, Screen and Luscher.

We have partnerships with several suppliers for the sale and repair of CTP and Workflow thus extending our range of services and advice to our customers. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Printing Plates:


Universe O2 High Strength printing plates

Positive thermal printing plate high chemical resistance. CTP recording equipment without pre-baked or later hardened oven. It is suitable for long runs with UV and metallic inks, and substitutes and / or alcohol-free additives.

Recommended products:

planchas ipagsa

– Developer IP-T9

– Regenerator RT-9

– Simultaneous use of Ipagsa printing plates, the IP-T9 developer and regenerator RT-9 forms the “Low Chem System” Ipagsa providing significant advantages of reducing the amount of chemical used and recycled. Restored in the developing bath, the right balance between antifoaming Disclosing substances, buffering agents, anti-settling and prolonging its duration.

– Deletion Pen corrector Pos thin or thick tip

– MH plate cleaner degreaser

Thermal printing plates Ecologic Klasse

catalogo mohes ipagsa

Processless thermal printing plate for CTP recording equipment

Recommended products:

– Plate Cleaner K-705

– Deletion Pen Corrector Pen NPN

Conventional printing plates Top-F100

Positive analogue printing plate for medium-long runs. Sensitive to ultraviolet lamps at 350-450 nm.

Recommended products:

– Developer HFLD – GUM T 511

– MH plate cleaner degreaser

– Deletion Pen corrector Pos thin or thick tip


TS printing plates Amigo

ThermoFuse based technology, Amigo printing plates provide the best results in machine and high resistance to chemicals. It can be handled and processed in daylight all types of plate processors. The image formation is purely physical, exposure is performed in negative on an emulsion formed by millions of thermoplastic spheres are melted and fused adhering firmly to the support. In the unexposed areas, these areas are easily removed by washing the surface with a mild cleaning solution. In fact, it is regarded as a Amigo plate without revealed. Small variations in temperature settings, pH or composition have virtually no effect on the outcome of the plate. Chuck endurance is 200,000 without thermo-hardened and 500,000 with this process, taking into account the printing conditions and exposure.

Recommended products:planchas Agfa mohes

– Clean Out Solution for areas without images

– Polykleen plate cleaning solution

– Kleergum Plus cleaning rubber

  • Recording Film:

    Agfa Alliance DigiDot HND, HN, HNS, IR, IRM, LD, LDM

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