Environmental Advice


We offer you the possibility to process your documents by providing environmental consulting service covering the following tasks:molinillo-asesoria

  • Register / reviewing as Producer / Small Producer.
  • Update and maintain the Register of Hazardous Waste.
  • Annual Statement Hazardous Waste Producers.
  • Plan Development Hazardous Waste Minimization.
  • Preparation of the Preliminary Ground Status Report.
    Continuous monitoring through regular visits to the company, in which the documentation necessary for the development of environmental studies seek visits.
  • Completion Industrial Identification Document.
  • Review of Industrial Registry.
  • Monitoring Inspections (Personalized assistance in the workplace and
    corresponding processing of claims).
  • Phone consulting and via e-mail, resolving all matters relating to environment.
  • Development of packaging declaration (to be submitted before March 31 of each year).
  • Authorization or notification of potentially polluting activities of the atmosphere.

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