Fount solution additive for controlling the PH:

  • Dampstar 5.45 – isopropyl alcohol reducer to work between 0-7% in sheet machines.
  • Dampstar 4.6 – Additive for working with 7-10% alcohol in sheet machines.

Isopropyl Alcohol: Purity 99.9%. Surfactant to the water wet. Distillate raw material directly without manipulation.

Adhesive polyester Hikes: Various thicknesses. For footwear rubber cylinder and the plate cylinder. They offer excellent stability and are easy to install without leaving adhesive residue.

rubber blankets contitech

Rubber blankets for all machines

Hikes calibration paper: Hikes calibrated for paper coating rubber cylinder and the plate cylinder, for a perfect fit between the two cylinders and achieving excellent print transfer point.

Rubber blankets: The major manufacturers of machinery for offset have entrusted us with this service. Types

Mesh counter: Magnifying glass to control the registration. Metal, double lens 6x, 8x, 9x increases. Sizes 10 mm, 15 mm and 25 mm.

Sponges: Spontex cellulose pressed Viskovita. To clean plates and screens. Manufactured according to ISO 9001 and 14001.

ICP: For the body of transmission. plastic support designed to prevent and solve problems or friction marks on the transfer sheet in melee, ensuring high quality printing. Long-term system for anti-marking ink. With adhesive strip applied on each sheet ready for assembly.

Cleaner rollers and blankets:

  • Disolone: Manual-automatic cleaner for printing batteries, rapid evaporation. Eliminates in a single washing process all waste, both soluble and water-soluble solvents. (Flash Point 40° C).
  • Disolone D70: Manual-automatic cleaner for printing batteries, rapid evaporation-automatic manual. Eliminates in a single washing process all waste, both soluble and water-soluble solvents. (Flash Point 62° C).
  • Solstar 4002: Approved by Fogra manual-automatic cleaner for print batteries , power strong cleaner, rapid evaporation, flash point 45 ° C, designed for coldset, heatset and sheetfed.
  • Solstar 4066: Approved by Fogra manual-automatic cleaner for print batteries, power strong cleaner, rapid evaporation, flash point 64 ° C, designed for coldset, heatset and sheetfed.

Dampener roller cleaner:

Solstar Fs Cleaner

Solstar-Fs Cleaner

  • Solstar FS: Cleaner dampening rubber rollers and chrome, high volatility.

Degreaser plates MH: Removes dried ink, oxidation and accumulations of dirt and scratches avoiding the grease of the plate. Indicated mainly for hardened plates or have been stored for some time.

Guillotine cutting ribbons: Manufactured in different qualities and hardnesses based on your application need.

Polyester inkwell: 190 micron plastic to protect the inkwells in Heidelberg machines.

Powder anti taint: Separator between the printed sheets, providing reliable protection against repainting with a minimal amount of dust. Available in various thicknesses.

Strips washer and wash-rubbers: Strips specially made to give a perfect machine performance, reflected in rapid color change to avoid any damage to the roller due to the design of the rubber profile with straight surface washing.

No drying spray: To keep fresh ink in the inkwells. Manufacturers: Flint Group and FujiHunt.

Silicone spray Cortemol: Sliding and anti-adhesive for paper handling and cardboard guillotines and metal surfaces Spray. Also it used as protective anti-moisture and lubrication of moving parts in machines and other surfaces, is water resistant, not rust, is non-corrosive.

Superblue: For the transmission body. No marking woven in blue ink repellent fabric, which is placed on the transfer cylinders to prevent ink buildup.

Inks and Pantones MARTINEZ AYALA:

  • Excel ESP Series: Mineral offset ink sheet high tinting strength, fast drying and excellent gloss. Especially for quick handled on most supports. High abrasion resistance. Trapping and good cut Excellent point. Fast ink-water balance. Varnished online and offline.
  • Ecogloss Series: Vegetable Ink offset based on vegetable oils and petroleum-free. It is therefore a low odor ink, free of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which helps protect the environment. In addition to a high intensity of color, it combines excellent dry and shine with a scuff resistance in all media.

Rubber Suckers: In rubber and silicone for all offset machines.

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