Mohes, in its quality policy, is committed to customer satisfaction.

To this end the following objectives are set:cuentahilos mohes calidad

  • Get the trust and respect of the client, through continuous improvement in attention and service at all times be provided.
  • Promote the optimization of costs and outcomes of customers, informing them of new products and advising them to improve the performance of products and resources.
  • Clearly identify the priorities according to the needs that each client and act on them.
  • Minimize errors. For which they will be implemented corrective actions corresponding to each department.
  • Create the optimum conditions in the workplace for employees, through their personal and professional development, involvement and participation in achieving quality objectives of the company.
  • Streamlining communication channels with customers, suppliers and staff so that, according to their suggestions and proposals, the company can carry out a constant improvement in their customer service.

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